The US Embassy in Peru will open more appointments to apply for visas | Peru

The US Embassy in Peru will open more appointments to apply for visas |  Peru

“Thanks to the hard work of our Consular Section, we have made great strides in addressing delays due to the pandemic. At this time, there are thousands of appointments available and more will be added in the coming months,” the US Embassy responded to Gestión.

“If applicants make an appointment one year from now, You can reschedule an earlier date once additional dates have been added this year“, he added.

He also pointed out that to find out the current waiting time, you can do this US government official.

Information about the process and requirements for applying for a visa is available on the US Embassy website. You can access by working .

“Watch out for people offering to help fill out your application and prepare for an interview. These services are performed by processors who charge money. We’ve seen cases where processors misused customer data, so people should be careful who they give their information to,” the US Embassy warned in Peru.

For her part, Paula Filipa, associate specialist in immigration law in Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Perez Abogados, indicated that in order to successfully carry out this type of procedure, it will be necessary to provide real documents, proof of legal income and roots. in Peru.

Peru, through the Andean Parliament, has asked for a tourist visa waiver. At the moment I do not see it as applicable, as there are deficiencies regarding the authentication and issuance of passports. Filipa said Peru must work on these problems to achieve this goal in the not too distant future.

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Errors when applying for a visa to travel to the United States

The US Embassy in Peru also commented on the frequent mistakes made by visa applicants:

– Failure to fill out the DS-160 electronic form with all required information correctly. You can access this form through It is the official website for starting tourist visa procedures.

Information is not saved when filling out the DS-160 form online. It is important to record each section to avoid losing information. The US Embassy rejects incomplete forms.

Often, applicants do not fill out the entire form by answering all the questions, especially when hiring an outside service for visa processing. Applicants are personally responsible for all information contained in their visa application. Leaving questions blank or incomplete may affect the score. When the forms of those applying for visa renewal are incomplete, it forces us to dismiss the case and make the applicant attend an interview. Those who submit incomplete applications may also be required to complete a new application form.

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