“There are commitments to compromise,” said Senator Hugo Richer.

“There are commitments to compromise,” said Senator Hugo Richer.

Frente Gwaso Senator Hugo Richer has stated that the veto power in the General Budget of the Nation 2023 (PGN 2023) cannot be contested in order to maintain austerity policies on public spending. The parliamentarian stressed that “there are settlement obligations,” adding that investments in key regions of the country must be guaranteed.

Thus, he indicated that among health, education and other entities of a social nature, resources should not be provided, directly referring to the possibility of partial executive veto over the PGN approved in Congress. As for the foundations of the government, they applied to the Ministry of Finance to reject the possibility of using the full right of veto, but in any case they confirmed their disagreement on some factors that they do not agree on.

In this regard, the Minister of Finance, Oscar Lamosas, indicated that the partial veto is still on the table of the executive branch because an increase of about 30 million US dollars has been achieved, above what was recommended. On the other hand, he stressed that there are legal issues that have not yet been closed in the budget.

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On this point, he emphasized that they are analyzing the article that allows the executive authority to manage the increases in order to mitigate the effects that they could have on the country’s economy, and for this reason they cannot result in concrete decisions regarding the most important law. from the country.

Regarding the estimates, they confirmed from the state portfolio that they intend to close this year with a deficit of approximately 3%, which indicates greater dynamics of public spending. With regard to economic expectations for the year 2023, there is talk of a growth of 4.5%, without ignoring the existing risks at the local and international levels.

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