There are tools that allow prediction of osteoporosis, according to experts


Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are two of the rheumatic diseases where more progress has been made in recent years with regard to personalized medicine. Specifically, “In osteoporosis, tools have been developed that allow diagnosis in the early stages of the disease and prediction of its prognosis,” explained Dr. Francisco J. Blanco, SER First Course Coordinator in Personalized Medicine. Weekend in Madrid, in association with Pfizer.

In the expert’s opinion, there are already biomarkers that predict a worse development of osteoporosis. Specifically, one of the areas that is being investigated more is the diagnosis of this disease. In fact, there are already proposals for tools to predict osteoarthritis of the knee, although the specialist has specified that “personalized medicine has not yet been applied in the general health care routine in Spain. There are individual and specific initiatives where they are applied, but in general still It is carried out within the framework of research projects.

With regard to therapeutic goals, significant progress has also been made. There are a large number of goals for treatments aimed at slowing disease progression and controlling pain. “Several Phase III clinical trials are already underway and we hope to see positive results. This is an outstanding issue so far, but the truth is that in recent years efforts and funding in the therapeutic field of osteoarthritis have increased,” according to Dr. Blanco, Scientific Director of the Medical Research Institute. Biotechnology in A Coruña (INIBIC) and the Rheumatology Service of the University Hospitals Complex A Coruña.

In his opinion, “The application of personalized medicine in rheumatology, i.e. personalized rheumatology is the future of specialization, and the next turning point for improving patient care.” Además, ha puntualizado: “Hemos vivido, y aún estamos viviendo, el importante avance en el tratamiento de las enfermedades reumatológicas con el descubrimiento de nuevos fármacos y ahora, el próximo av mane avance es tra más de la negligence.” the necessary”.

In this new SER Personalized Medicine course, conducted in collaboration with Pfizer, topics such as bioinformatics tools in precision medicine, biomarker validation, personalized medicine in immune diseases, arthritis and osteoporosis; He presented several practical cases, among others.

In this sense, Dr. Blanco advocates that “training in this area is essential because it is the immediate future of medicine and rheumatology. The future of patients depends on being able to predict the onset of diseases, knowing their diagnosis and knowing the best treatments for each individually.”

“I consider it an essential course in the training of our professionals, because there is currently a huge lack of knowledge in this area of ​​medicine, and we must start to know better because we will soon start using it more frequently,” concludes the course coordinator.

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