These are some of the artists who have also excelled in science


for example, Lisa Kudrow, laureate amy, known as vibe Buffay employment “friends”He inherited a love of science as his father, Lee Kudrow, dedicated his career to science. Neurology. Father and daughter cooperation on a Project employment 1994 This subsides if the left hand or the right hand affects the severity of the migraine.

very Christine Stewart, known as Bella from twilightIt has a directive aspect, when I brought out “Come Swim” I used a Technique Digital known as “neurotypic transmission” He superimposed different graphics on the same video sequence to create convolutional neural networks with the goal of altering the short video in real time.

may be another Natalie Portman, this is in 2003 graduated like psychologist from University from Harvard Who published two works of 1998 And 2002The first deals with how biodegradable waste can be used to generate new sources of energy, and the second explains how memory can affect the concentration of hemoglobin in the brain.

mime Bialik, known as Amy Joy the hunter from “The Big Bang Theory”. translator received PhD employment Neurology On the University from California subordinate AngelsThanks to his dissertation dealing with the regulation of complex and independent mechanisms by the hypothalamus in patients with Prader-Willi syndrome.

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