These are the consequences – Teach me about science

These are the consequences – Teach me about science

Most of us have been able to enjoy a rich and refreshing salad with dressings and mayonnaise that give it a creamy finish.

Mayonnaise or mayonnaise is an emulsified cold sauce made primarily of beaten whole eggs and vegetable oil, usually seasoned with lemon juice or vinegar and salt.

This delicious sauce is of Menorcan origin, created by a French chef in Menorca and is an ideal product to accompany a variety of dishes, pasta and seafood being one of the favourites.

At the beginning of this sauce, the only way to consume it was to prepare it for the time being, keeping a smaller amount for later days, however, now there is a variety of products in shopping malls, in addition to having additional flavors such as a high concentration of lemon juice, there are even Offers with chili.

However, one of the most common doubts about this product is, how long can it last once? If you are interested in knowing the answer, we invite you to continue reading this note.

What happens if mayonnaise is not refrigerated after opening?

Like most packaged products, mayonnaise has an expiration date that indicates when the food can be safely consumed. However, this date changes once the product is opened, as the void with it is broken and pathogens from the environment are exposed.

In the case of mayonnaise, many people consider it a dairy product and therefore require as much care and refrigeration as milk, cheese and yogurt.

However, as mentioned earlier, mayonnaise is an emulsified egg and oil sauce to which preservatives are also added to extend its shelf life, so it does not need to be refrigerated, as most people think.

Furthermore, mayonnaise usually contains a Low pHso it usually has a sour taste, which prevents bacteria such as salmonella from multiplying.

Therefore, once a jar of mayonnaise is opened, even though the mixture is exposed to pathogens in the environment, it can be consumed as long as it falls within the period specified on the expiration date.

What kind of mayonnaise should be refrigerated?

to an agreement According to the USDA – USDA, “Homemade mayonnaise can be safely made using raw pasteurized eggs in the shell or pasteurized egg products, however, consumers cannot pasteurize eggs at home. After making homemade mayonnaise with pasteurized eggs or egg products, consumers must Keep the mixture in the refrigerator and use it within four days.

It is important to note that mayonnaise should not be frozen, as the emulsions will separate and appear curdled after freezing.

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