These are the new requirements for obtaining a US visa | Economie

These are the new requirements for obtaining a US visa |  Economie

On Monday, April 12, the United States Embassy in Colombia reported a new update about Visa Services And some changes in document access procedures.

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In this case, the adjustments are for Nonimmigrant visa application. The embassy representative, Vice President of Non-Immigrant Visas, indicated in a video how the interview scheduling was conducted.

At the moment, there are many Colombians who travel to the United States to participate in exchange programs, students and people who will work on broad visas.The diplomat explained.

Now, the new measures stipulated that within the next 4 or 5 weeks there will be appointments available in Visa categories F, M, H, J, L, P and Owhich correspond to exchange or work programmes.

In the coming months, all of our officers will be working daily at the embassy to process these types of visas.‘ added the official.

On the other hand, for B1 and B2 visas, which is for business and tourism, in the processing of documents. “In recent weeks, more than 1,000 people per day have been giving their interviews at the embassy,” however, due to high demand, the availability of these appointments is for 2024.

The official also explained that one of the changes to the procedure is the need for a document-specific interview. In this sense, there will be people who can start the process without having to attend a face-to-face meeting at the embassy.

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In the new process, when a person fills out a visa application in our system, the system will determine if the person qualifies for the visa without an interview.”, identified by a representative of the US Embassy.

The embassy also explained that this new visa application system without an interview means a delay of two to three months. The previous system was that people who already had a visa of the same category or who were under 14 or over 79 years old, They can apply for an extension.

From now on, the Embassy program will offer you an appointment to drop off your passport at an office in Bogota. This way, the entity will not hold your document for long.

Likewise, the Embassy stressed that the option to send papers such as a passport via DHL courier service will no longer exist, but that there will be a wait for these documents to be left by making an appointment.

We believe that this process will provide a more convenient service for applicants, because their passports will be at the embassy for less time: weeks instead of months.“, in the video.

Besides, for those who have completed the visa renewal process through an interview and their passport is withheld, it will be returned to them at two weeks max After the meeting.

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The entity also clarified that there are no fees for appointments, as it is said that for money, they can be paid.


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