J Balvin, why did he postpone his US tour and what will happen to tickets sold out | Celebrities USA | nnda nnlt | Fame

J Balvin, why did he postpone his US tour and what will happen to tickets sold out |  Celebrities USA |  nnda nnlt |  Fame

As planned before, J Balvin It was scheduled to start a new round in United State This Tuesday, April 19, but a series of factors caused the difficult decision to postpone the concerts, saddening the thousands of fans who have already bought a ticket.

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In a statement published on his accounts on social networking sites, the Colombian gave the bad news and revealed some of the reasons that led them and his team to step aside as his tour began and moved it to another date, although she did not. So far it has been revealed when.

In this note, we will detail J Balvin To understand the reason for this decision, and in the same way, we will mention what will happen to those people who have already bought a ticket to some concert that was announced long in advance.

Colombian singer J Balvin has announced the postponement of the start of his US tour (Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP)

Why did J Balvin delay the start of his tour?

In the blanket message that the urban artist posted on his Instagram account, the issues created due to all the delays related to the COVID-19 pandemic were mentioned, which prompted the singer to choose to think about things a little better. start of his tour.

“Over the past year, we have worked tirelessly to bring you a show like no other where everyone feels welcome at every Jose Tour USA party. However, COVID-19 has caused some unexpected production challenges that will not allow me to fulfill my promise to deliver the best show possible. You. You deserve better, so I made the difficult decision to postpone the tour.”can be read on the J Balvin platforms.

However, the gate He got a longer version, noting that the artist realized production problems last week when he began rehearsing. It was there that he saw problems with part of the design and assembly, as well as with the script, this time, it will be 360 ​​degrees.

What will happen to tickets already purchased?

In the same social media statement, the singer indicates that tickets purchased so far will remain valid when preparing a new program of concerts that he will present throughout his tour. United State.

Of course, he also made it clear that the rescheduling has not yet taken place and will be announced in the coming weeks, when everything will be ready.

“My team continues to work on every detail and we will bring you the new dates in a few weeks. Your tickets will still be valid. I am grateful for all your love and support and at the same time I am so excited to meet all of you again on the way to celebrate together and continue the high sentiment”is over.

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