These were the topics at the US Senate meeting – AMLO – El Financiero


President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He explained on Monday that the issues addressed during the meeting with Democratic and Republican senators of the United States related to economic and trade progress, border opening and T-MEC.

The president noted that officials from the neighboring country had requested a conversation to get to know her Mexico Views on bilateral issues.

“It was a cordial and friendly meeting, the topics (which were discussed) were the development of the region, it was a very interesting topic, how to strengthen North America and America against the progress of other regions of the world, economic and commercial progress and how to integrate with respect for our sovereignty to strengthen all that we have in America ‘ He said in the ‘morning’.

The Chief Executive highlighted the trade relationship with the United States, and in this sense commented that the T-MEC was discussed, both because it is a fundamental agreement for both countries and because it helps Mexican farmers so that there is not a single tariff barrier “related to plant or animal health.”

Regarding the opening of borders due to health restrictions, President Lopez Obrador thanked the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines that have been implemented in the municipalities of Baja California.

“It has been reported how (vaccines) are implemented in Baja California, we are already the same as in California in terms of vaccination. Today we finish the vaccination in Sonora, we will go to Chihuahua, then Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas and we will use the Pfizer vaccine to finish vaccination throughout border area and so that we can open it as soon as possible,” he added.

Monday’s meeting consisted of Democrats and Republicans in the United States Senate: Tim Kaine, Rob Portman, Jon Hoffin, Mike Crabow, Ben Ray Logan and Chargé d’Affairs John Kramer.

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