They analyze the suspension of Florida's controversial law SB-1718, which affects thousands of residents

They analyze the suspension of Florida's controversial law SB-1718, which affects thousands of residents

A federal judge announced Thursday that he will consider whether his decision to temporarily suspend enforcement was controversial Law in Florida That penalizes the transportation of illegal immigrants, and that should have an impact throughout the state. After blocking Section 10 of Law SB-1718Judge Roy K. Altman He has summoned the concerned parties to discuss extending his order.

Altman, who was appointed to the Southern District of Florida by former President Donald Trump, said his decision was based on a Legal discussion Concerning jurisdictions of global scope.

Arguments of the parties involved

The Florida Attorney General's Office, which is defending the controversial law, and plaintiffs have until June 6 to present their arguments before a judge. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the Florida Farmworkers Association (FWAF) and several affected individuals, alleges that Section 10 of SB-1718 exposes thousands of Floridians and out-of-state residents to abuse. Arrested And processed To transport illegal immigrants. According to prosecutors, this law criminalizes everyday actions, such as taking a family member to a doctor’s appointment or on vacation, or transferring him or her to another person. In serious crimes.

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Judge Altman wrote in Thursday's order that “after further consideration it is necessary”Get more information “On the appropriate scope of the court's order.” The court will essentially consider whether the temporary blockade includes the entire state or just the south where the lawsuit was filed, which would represent a setback for the plaintiffs.

The order preventing implementation of the law will be temporary until the lawsuit filed by civil groups that consider it unconstitutional is decided.

'A torrent of anti-immigrant laws and policies'

The law, promoted by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, requires hospitals to include questions about a patient's immigration status.

According to EFE, ACLU attorney Amin Kaku said today represents a victory against 'A torrent of anti-immigrant laws and policies' in Florida, which harms citizens and non-citizens alike.

“This order recognizes the irreparable harm that SB-1718 is causing immigrants, families, and their communities by unconstitutionally usurping the federal government’s powers to subject them to harsh criminal penalties without fair notice,” he said.

Migrants seeking refuge in New York.

Immigrants in the United States

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Evelyn Weiss, a defense attorney at Americans for Immigrant Justice, said the court recognized the harm caused by the measure.

Other laws DeSantis enacted against illegal immigrants

Governor DeSantis has signed laws in recent weeks that reinforce his administration's trend toward a more restrictive stance on immigration issues in Florida

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis

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HB1451: Prohibiting out-of-state driver's licenses for illegal immigrants: This law prohibits the acceptance of driver's licenses issued to illegal immigrants in other states, such as Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Vermont, that are designated as “non-federal.” identification” or “For driving privileges only.”

⦁ SB1036: Tightening penalties against illegal immigrants: This legislation increases penalties against illegal immigrants for any crime, intensifying punitive measures against this population.

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