They are looking for a partner to take care of the island; Pay millions of pesos


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you do not have money? Do you want a comfortable job? A job where there is a beach? Given the crisis wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization has recognized that confinement and what the risk of infection entails in itself have increased the level of fatigue, frustration and apathy. So, maybe if you want to start over and de-stress, you can apply with your partner for a job that pays 100,000 euros a year, that’s more than two million pesos. Where and what is the job? The mission takes place on an island Cyan Private in the Bahamas; They are looking for a partner and all they have to do is take care of her.

What should be done? Do you find it attractive? The show was published before Polo and Tweed. In this it becomes clear that the people who enter to work with them will have them The opportunity to live in the dream place with easily accessible business hours. After the working day is over, they will spend the afternoon getting to know a part of the island.

As if that weren’t enough, they would also have access to health coverage and a car to move around.

In this regard, the founder of Polo & Tweed – according to the testimony gathered Vanguard The place is unique and it is a good opportunity to try your luck elsewhere.

“It’s a job that only appears once in a lifetime. It’s so unique that even our client jokingly told me that he was tempted to try his luck and get the job. Needless to say, we’ve been inundated with candidate proposals since we posted the ad on our website last weekend. But we have not yet prepared our shortlist. Those wishing to participate should send their CVs without delay, “ Lucy Challenger commented.

The only requirement for this position is permission to work in the United States.If you want to apply, click here.

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