They are looking for an agronomist to live in Uganda: what they offer and what are the requirements



An agricultural company based in Uganda is looking for an experienced agronomist to join the team. it’s about Angelis Partner, which currently has 6000 productive hectares in the African country, where they have been cultivated since 2014.

We are looking for a professional with at least agricultural experience 5 years with a proven track recordFrancisco Podesta, co-founder, along with Eduardo Brown, Philip and Benjamin Prinze, of the company, explains to Agrofy News.

Agriculture in Uganda

Podestá explains that the research is aimed at engineers who have dealt with different types of crops, as the Ugandan company grows corn, soybeans, dry rice, beans, sorghum and sunflowers. In addition, we test many different crops, so you must have experience in farming and be open to Develop new cropsAdd product. Another important point is that the applicant must Speak and write English fluentlyBecause in the African country it is dealt with in this language.

The job consists of leading a group of 12 to 15 employees, local residents, who monitor the crops. “You have to do the quality control of the harvest, visit the crops, and keep the team motivated,” says Podesta, adding that another important role the selector will have is to conduct several experiments.

The entrepreneur points out that once the chosen one is settled in Uganda, the work visa will be processed, which is “simple”, and the call will be closed in a month.

As for homeland security, it confirms this Uganda has no history of attacks or kidnappings. “When we are there, we walk freely and quietly without guards. There is no problem at all. In fact, Uganda receives and leads the process of integrating refugees from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” he says, referring to the stability of the country.

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The person selected for the position will have a contract of between two and three years, with the possibility of renewal and, according to the employer, Fees are ‘very good’. In this sense, he stressed, the salary is “very competitive internationally for the same type of work”.

Podestá also highlights that the . file The cost of living in Uganda is very lowMany people who go there for jobs tend to “save a lot”. In return, the expenses of the chosen professional will be reduced because the company will provide them with a car and housing.

At the destination, you will have a car with driver at your disposal and you will be provided with your own house, where you can stay alone or with your family near the countryside, which is three hours away from the Ugandan capital Kampala. If a professional wishes to live in that city, he will have to travel every week to go to his workplace.

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Supportive birth and amazing growth

The company was born as a solidarity initiative of Argentine Eduardo Brown, who lives in the United States, and Prinz brothers, who developed a sustainable project for an orphanage in Uganda. To do this, they installed a pig farm nearly 10 years ago that would allow self-finance institution. Then they noticed that the region provides opportunities for the development of agriculture, and in 2013 the company Agilis Partner was born, which is currently marketing and exporting to other neighboring countries.

The company’s goal is ‘Keep growing in Uganda’ A new merger project We are working with Aapresid and the United States to spread conservation agriculture and direct seeding in the region. Once the initiative is confirmed, Agilis Partner will look for a new person to take on the programme. “We have an approved budget for that and the idea is to empower all of sub-Saharan Africa, and expand what we do in our fields, so that producers in the region produce better with more green and sustainable agriculture.”

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