They are prohibiting the US government to temporarily halt deportations


a A US federal judge on Tuesday banned the Joe Biden government from imposing a 100-day moratorium on deportationsIt is a major priority on the Democratic president’s immigration agenda.

Federal District Judge Drew Tipton issued a temporary restraining order requested by the Texas government, which filed a lawsuit Friday against a Department of Homeland Security warrant ordering immigration agencies to stop most deportations.

The Tipton is a smacker of the Biden government, Which has proposed far-reaching changes sought by immigration advocates, including a plan to legalize the roughly 11 million people who live in the United States without a residence permit. Biden pledged during his campaign to halt most deportations for 100 days.

The The system represents a victory for Republican leaders in Texas, Who often sued to block programs enacted by Biden’s Democratic predecessor, President Barack Obama. It also showed that just as various state governments and pro-immigration groups led by Democrats fought in court against then-President Donald Trump on immigration-related issues, often successfully, so Republicans are with Biden.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary David Bikowski signed a memorandum on Biden’s first day as president, ordering immigration authorities to focus on national security and threats to public safety, as well as anyone who entered the United States without permission after November 1. This meant a drastic policy shift in the face of the Trump administration, making anyone who entered the United States illegally a priority for deportation.

The 100-day moratorium came into effect on Friday Almost anyone who entered the United States without permission prior to November benefited.

he is Texas State Attorney Ken Paxton argued that the moratorium violated federal law, As well as an agreement that Texas signed with the Department of Homeland Security at the end of the Trump administration. This agreement required the Department of Homeland Security to consult with Texas and other states before taking any action to “reduce, redirect, change priorities, relax, or modify application of immigration law in any way.”

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