A group of prosecutors is seeking to dissolve DACA

A group of prosecutors is seeking to dissolve DACA

Angels- Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, along with attorneys from 8 other entities, urged a federal judge Tuesday to declare DACA illegal and halt President Joe Biden’s initiative to promote this charitable foundation, which protects some 650,000 young adults. Notarized in the United States Against Deportation, EFE Publishing.

Lawyers from Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Nebraska, and West Virginia are accompanying Paxton on this attempt.

Since last December 22nd, this group has waited for the decision of South Texas District Court Judge Andrew Hanin to issue a ruling on a lawsuit that argued that the said program – which President Barack Obama created in 2012 – is presumed unconstitutional and that the Democratic president The former overrides his executive powers when promoting it

In a document submitted to Hanin on Tuesday, prosecutors stated that “there is no reason nor reason for the court to allow the 2012 illegal DACA memorandum to stand, especially since the new (Biden) administration admits that it will not cancel the program.”

The petition added, “This case is ready for a final solution more than ever before.”

For its part, the Mexican-American Fund for Legal Education and Defense (MALDEF), an organization that represents the undocumented in this case, asked the judge to dismiss the aforementioned case, filed in 2018, on the pretext that Obama had sufficient authority to do so. Include the benefits of immigration.

Despite the fact that Hanin had already dealt a blow against immigrant protection measures by ruling against a similar program that was harboring my “dreamer” parents, the judge highlighted in the hearing to present arguments that there was a difference between the two initiatives, since DACA got the green light. Of the Supreme Court, while the second, which was called DAPA, was suspended before its implementation.

In parallel, Hanin revealed that DACA has been illegally approved by the Obama administration because it did not follow APA guidelines, which require giving the public an opportunity to comment so that amendments, if necessary, are submitted for the proposal.

On June 18, the Supreme Court concluded that the administration of former President Donald Trump had not followed the mechanisms set out in law when it suspended DACA in 2017.

On the one hand, Paxton this Tuesday won a slight victory over the Biden administration, by having another federal judge temporarily suspend the executive order to suspend deportations for 100 days, in a precaution also based on a potential APA violation.

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