They are waiting for vaccinations at the medical school and university gymnasium


Oaxaca, Oax. March 8, 2021. – The medical school and the university’s gymnasium are two of the points where people wait their turn to get the antiviral vaccination in Oaxaca de Juarez.

In these two places, of the three places Quadratín traveled, the situation is the same: there is indeed a line with people who, without maintaining a healthy distance and their own organization, are not attended by so-called servants of the nation, await their turn.

In the university gymnasium, they put an impromptu mantidus, because it is one of the places where the sun is stronger and there is no way to cover itself.

In medical school, they give information to people, but they confirm that registration and reception will start on Tuesday March 9th at 8 am.

People are also lining up with umbrellas and chairs and without maintaining a healthy distance.

Until now, the official authorities have not issued any opinion regarding this expected presence of the people.

And they did not say whether this was the line they follow to care for and vaccinate the elderly, some of whom are waiting for it.

In other cases, they are relatives of close people waiting, but in conditions that are also at risk, because in places there is no place to wash their hands, they are less than a meter away and in the medical school, they are near the civil hospital Dr. Aurelio Valdivieso.

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