They ask the Senate to ratify the practice of law


On Lawyer’s Day celebrated on July 12 every year, the president of the National College of Criminal Lawyers, Gilberto Farias Morales, asked the Senate of the Republic to introduce legislation for the certification of lawyers, who today have a negative perception, as some “seek success through the means of Like money, political pressure, or other methods.”

For this reason, we suggest that “this sovereign has a long-standing desire representing the academy and famous lawyers, that the Mexican Bar Association and its degrees crystallize once and for all to join the countries on which they already depend, including business partners in North America and Europe.”

“When you do not have the academic preparation, honesty and morals in the practice of the profession, some lawyers seek to replace this situation; and to achieve success by means which may be money, political pressure, or other kinds of methods.”

Likewise, urge associations, unions, and bar associations to certify that they disapprove of persons unwilling to practice law in Mexico.

And that’s what he said, Mexico needs professionals with rights who push for culture, legitimacy, respect for the law, and strengthen our fragile rule of law. We need lawyers committed to defending institutions and the values ​​of freedom, justice and democracy.”

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