They ask to open a medical career in Los Cabos – El Sudcaliforniano

They ask to open a medical career in Los Cabos – El Sudcaliforniano

La Paz, Baja California Sur. (OEM-Informex). On the proposal of Representative Ida Palacios and unanimously, the State Congress agreed to send advice to Governor Victor Castro so that through the Department of Public Education (SEP) and the Department of Health (SS) the importance of resuming the Medical Teaching Project at the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur (UABCS) Especially on the Cabo San Lucas campus.

Representative Ida Maria Palacios Marques, in her statement of reasons, highlighted the importance of the proposal, given the high demand for applications for the job, in addition to the need for human resources for the proposed hospital for the municipality of Los Cabos.

He regretted the slowdown of the project due to the fact that in the budget negotiations with the Union it was not possible to secure the resource and warned of the miserable future that awaits the entity from a health point of view, given the inherent danger of another. The pandemic and the increase in chronic degenerative diseases that have increased in recent years.

Although the legislator did not mention it, one of the main obstacles that faced in the past the initiative to open the medical profession in the entity, was the opposition of some professionals from the backlog branch of the College of Physicians, who said that if this was a profession, there would not be enough work for everyone .

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He noted that the project to open the medical profession began during the period of Governor Narciso Agondes and resumed with Marcos Covarrubias and even Congress approved the decree that issued the Basic Law of the University of Health of the State of Baja California Sur, which defines the legal framework that establishes and ensures the operation and development of the University of Health as a public institution of higher education, where The professions of medicine, nursing, nutrition, psychology, dentistry and rescue are taught to doctors, from which they source more than 40 million pesos.

Ida Palacios suggested that this profession be taught in the municipality of Los Cabos, at the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur; He noted that the Mexican Competitiveness Institute places a medical degree as the best-paid in the country, and explained that the average cost of a degree in a public institution is 54,346 pesos, while in a private school it costs one million. 414 thousand pesos.

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