The old man does traditional medicine to improve his condition

The old man does traditional medicine to improve his condition

Cantonilken, May 3 (Infoqroo).- old person from Municipal from Lazaro Cardenas He started a business in traditional medicine to improve his economy, after taking a course he gave National Institute of Indigenous Peoples (INPI).

it’s about Tiburcio Mix Yamathe 68-year-old, who, months ago, studied traditional medicine and now begins to sell various products that he makes himself.

In this sense, he said that on his farmland he found plants that he needed to make medicines like Cradle of Love, Nettle, Habanero Chili Leaves, Hoja Santa and Tankashe, among others which are easy to find, Because it is located in any area.

The entrepreneur said he makes products that, he says, soothe itchy skin known as “rashes,” fungus, headaches, rheumatism, bone pain, back pain, kidney pain, among others, and in addition to being effective, they’re cheap. …and easy to prepare.

Finally, he said that on the first day of the fair in this city, his sales were minimal, “but that doesn’t discourage me because it’s still early days and I’m sure I’ll get more sales to help me financially in the future days.”

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