They asked the truth commission from the police that Otto’Neill could confess freely

Controversy over the accountability of Daero Úsuga, better known as Otoniel´. photo courtesy

The arrest of Dairo Antonio Usuga has left the doors open for controversy, as the negativity shown in the photos has shown great calm at such a difficult time. His arrest raised hope among many victims of knowing the truth, however, it has become difficult to hold accountable due to the same security system in which he found himself, which is why there are divisions between the truth commission and security entities. Custody.

The Truth Commission has sent a letter to the Police Criminal Investigation Directorate and Interpol, that the security measures in which the pseudonym “Ottoniel” finds himself prevent the captive paramilitary commander from giving his testimony in full confidence, both with commission delegates, as well as with entities requesting its announcement.

On the authority entrusted with clarifying the truth of the dispute and avoiding its recurrence, they pointed out: “The Commission thanks the various authorities who facilitated this hearing, and while it understands that Mr. Dairu Osuga must remain under the security conditions of the National Police Criminal Investigation Directorate and the INTERPOL Directorate, if it is to indicate the need for safeguards to receive your story with due confidentiality and privacy. That the terms of the interview allow that person to file a free and voluntary account, especially when the commissioners and their staff are relieved of the duty to file a complaint.”.

It is important to bear in mind that “Ottonelli” is being held in the highest security conditions and completely isolated, since his arrest was the basis of an important milestone for the military forces and for the current government, since five months after his arrest. President Evan Duque still has a pinned tweet with confirmation of this fact, on his Twitter account.

according to Daniel Coronel on Radio WÚsuga is located in a heavily guarded basement in Dijin, the place will be reinforced with its concrete structure and access doors will have a full shield that is difficult to penetrate. Apart from this, he will be monitored 24 hours a day with seven cameras by the police.

From the Truth Commission, they highlighted that the said surveillance measures, while vital to the detention of the Clan del Golfo chief, violated confidentiality rights to the confession he could deliver, from the organization they also highlighted: “The commission insists that this interview is based on the right of the Colombian community to know the truth about what happened in the armed conflict and we hope that this process began with Dairo Osuga David, who has been involved for 35 years in the armed conflict and associated with various illegal armed groups, up to satisfactorily culminated..

colonel In his report on radiushad the opportunity to communicate with the lawyer of the accused offender, jurist Arturo Hernandez confirmed that the defense measures were difficult to implement, because they only allowed him to spend 20 minutes with his client, in addition to the fact that the process has slowed down despite having access permissions. He stressed that the security measures were so extreme that he had to take off his belt and change his pen with one that the authorities immediately gave him.

The journalist highlighted that they from Dijin stopped confession activities with the truth commission, an alleged escape plan or rescue operation by Clan del Golfo was known. So far, ‘Otoniel’ has stated that he wants to speak and will put the names of several members of the general force on file, but he has not yet brought charges, because permanent surveillance prevents the path of secrecy..

It is expected that the former paramilitary militia will be able to speak before handing him over, as his confession can clarify a large number of cases of armed conflict in the country, as well as clarify the complicity of the authorities in many cases of paramilitary incursions and cooperation with illegal actors. groups..

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