Video: Ugandan foreign minister sacks European Commission president



Feb 19 2022 04:17 GMT

Only after French President Emmanuel Macron made the diplomat see that he should welcome Ursula von der Leyen, the Ugandan bowed slightly and exchanged a few words with her.

Haji Abubakar Gigi Odongo, Uganda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, has fired the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, during a term The sixth summit of the European Union and the African Unionwhich was held in Brussels (Belgium), as we saw in a video clip that spread on social networks.

The recording shows how the African politician von der Leyen, who hardly looks at him for a moment, ignores and, unlike other African actors, does not shake hands with her, which cause some laughter among the attendees.

Gigi Odongo heads straight to the place where he met the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, and the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and greeted them affectionately for several seconds.

When the Ugandan foreign minister took his place for an official photo shoot, Macron asked him several times to greet the senior official. Then he turned at last, bowed a little and exchanged a few words with her, before leaving the room to make room for Abi Ahmed Ali, Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

“Attack for all”

On his Twitter account, Jeje Odongo shared a profile publishing For Uganda’s Daily Monitor newspaper, he showed two pictures of him with Michel and Macron. Looking at the angle shots, the European Commission president is out of sight.

Some netizens criticized his disrespect towards Von der Leyen. One user wrote in the comments: “It’s offensive to everyone. There should be a complaint at the diplomatic level in these cases, it is enough to ignore it.” ‘That was uncomfortable’Another noted.

There were also those who criticized the media for not speaking out about this disdain of the Ugandan foreign minister by ignoring a woman and a representative figure, asserting that it was a “fatal mistake made by an apparently misogynistic old man”.

Last October, networks became popular with a Video The then German chancellor, Angela Merkel, refused to shake hands with the President of the European Commission, offering her a fist instead.

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