They found secret files in boxes that Trump took from the White House


The United States National Archives Administration (Nara) confirmed that she was found Information class National Security in 15 boxes of Documents it’s a previous president Donald Trump (2017-2021) He was taken from the White House upon leaving office.

This was explained by NARA President, David Ferrero, in a Message In response to several questions raised by Congresswoman Caroline Maloney after learning that these official documents were recovered in January at the former president’s Florida residence.

“The National Archives has identified Information class From Safety Patriotic in the funds, “high . confirmed official In his letter, in which he explained that Department of Justice about this score.

Employees load Donald Trump’s belongings into a moving truck. EFE . Pictures

The National Archives continues to analyze Contents Of the 15 boxes, which he recovered last January from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, Florida, he hopes to finish the operation on February 25.

Ferrero He also confirmed, as many media outlets expected, that the Republican used to tear up official documents, although leaders are obligated to hand them over to the National Archives when they leave their posts. White House.

“Although the White House staff during Administration The official explained that Trump pasted some of the documents, and some of the documents he sent to us were not reconstructed.”

when they leave a house WhiteAmerican presidents should deliver records Citizens All letters, notes, emails and other written communications relating to your official duties as a Custody Agent.

fact that trump Taking these boxes to Florida is a potential violation of the Presidential Records Act, which requires the preservation of such documents.

However, the tax Federal officials will have to prove that he intentionally tampered with classified information or committed gross negligence with it, which is complicated, and more so in the case of a president who can declassify the data at will.

Among the documents is that former boss There were also correspondences sent to him by the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, during the bilateral thaw, which trump They were once described as “love letters”.

After it was revealed last week in various media, trump He said in a statement that the documents he took were “delivered easily, without conflict and in a very friendly manner” to the National Archives, and that the materials will one day be displayed in the presidential library that will bear his name.

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