Due to a horrific infection, a young mother amputates all her fingers | World


In Peterborough, England, a young mother contracted a serious infection that led to her complete amputation fingers from the hands

Sadie Kemp was with her children on December 26, 2021, after Christmas Eve.

The woman was preparing a toy kitchen for one of her young ones when she began to feel terrible pain in her back. At the time, the mother thought it was caused by the stance she took while modifying the game.

However, the discomfort reached the point of paralysis, so she was taken to the hospital. There he was given the unfortunate news that Sadie Kemp had a septicemia.

The patient was in an induced coma and in intensive care for more than two weeks.

“They gave me a lot of medicine to keep my organs alive, but my limbs started to suffer,” said the young mother. The media .

Although the infection was initially controlled, after a few days the doctors decided to remove all 10 fingers as the tissue worsened.

He concluded that the woman’s sepsis was caused by kidney stones.

Currently, Sadie Kemp is suffering from illness and with the support and care of her children. In support of him, his best friend created the GoFundMe group.

By collecting they hope to raise money to pay for medical expenses involved in a serious illness. So far, £14,000 has been raised.

I don’t make money for my kids. They don’t have a roof over their heads and that makes me feel really bad. I just want to be there for them and give them some safety.”

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