They captured a man who starred in persecution in an EP


El Paso: El Paso police have reported that a 28-year-old man has been arrested after he committed a series of crimes in a western neighborhood of the city.

Samuel David DeMeo was arrested Monday, January 25, on charges of trespassing, breaking and entering, as well as evading and resisting arrest.

The crime streak began around 12:30 p.m., when DeMio took advantage of the fact that the owner of the truck had left it running in front of his house in Building 6900 in Granero.

As soon as the aggrieved realized the theft, he borrowed another car and began a chase in the strip; At the time he was hit by a truck driver on at least one occasion, before he entered a retirement home on Belvedere Street on foot.

Samuel David DeMeo fled to a nearby neighborhood, and got into another car parked in Building 7100 in Gran Vida, where he stole various property.

After getting out of the said car, Demio broke into a nearby dwelling, where the caretaker found an 81-year-old.

After escaping from the said place, law enforcement officers were already tracking him down and chasing him through various backyards of homes in the area, until he was subdued in Building 600 on Bristol Street, after his struggles with EPPD agents.

After being processed at El Paso County Detention Center, DeMeo was released on $97,000 total bail, by Judge Hamilton.

Bail is set at $25,000 for property theft costing more than $30,000, $50,000 for trespassing, $10,000 for trespassing, $10,000 for evading arrest, and $2,000 for resistance. to arrest.

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