They celebrate in LC traditional medicine fair to preserve ancestral knowledge


Otilia Medellin/Voice of Michoacan

Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan. In the search for strengthening the uses and customs of the indigenous people with a focus on traditional medicine, a traditional medicine fair has been held in this municipality, and training of health workers continues so that they can provide better care.

The goal is to provide health with a dignified treatment of the community, especially indigenous peoples or minority groups, said in an interview Maria Esther Calderon, coordinator and coordinator of intercultural relations in health at the Ministry of Health in Michoacán (SSM). Lyon.

The interviewee emphasized that in the state government there is a real and confirmed interest in returning to the origins and strengthening minority groups, “but about what our indigenous peoples are as we seek to implement multicultural units, health units where, in addition to this, it can also be attending traditional medicine.

The official revealed that as part of this measure, TBAs are being trained, adding that the multicultural health program has trained health workers so that they are clear on how to provide services, thus, during the month of September, 595 people from various jurisdictions were trained. .

“This is the number of people trained per month,” the State Coordinator and Liaison for Intercultural Diversity in Health at the Michoacan Ministry of Health (SSM), Maria Esther Calderon León, reported, who reiterated that the preparation for workers in the health sector.

The official explained that last October 22 is the World Traditional Medicine Day, and in this context, the fourth day is being held in Michoacán at the jurisdiction level in this municipality, although it has been carried out in each of the eight jurisdictions for excisional activities. by SSM.

“In each jurisdiction, there is a multicultural coordinator, who has already done some activities related to the topic of traditional medicine,” the government official added, explaining that in the Lazaro Cárdenas fair, there were people doing different activities related to the uses. and customs.

Photo, Otilia Medellin.

Awareness lectures were given mainly to health sector officials, and Calderon Leon confirmed that “this is our goal, to train and educate people who work in the health sector so that we can provide better care”

“Understand why it is important to put ourselves in each other’s shoes and to consider that we are individual beings who have characteristics, needs and beliefs that are important to us and that we should not overlook, and that we cannot treat everyone the same when they draw attention to those who have some way of treating certain diseases.” And we shouldn’t judge them, let alone ask them not to do so unless their health is in danger,” added the coordinator of cultures.

As for the event in Lázaro Cárdenas, it is worth noting that products, massages, use of herbal medicine and some rituals were presented with participants from within the state, but there was also a school from Querétaro.

At the opening of the event, which took place this Tuesday in the Association Hall of the Mining Guild, Carlos Olvera Solís, President of the Department of Health Specialization 08, welcoming a reunion with our ancestors’ cultures and traditions, highlighted the opportunity to meet alternative medicine and its elements. That harmonizes man with nature and its environment.

“We have the opportunity to share a little of what is traditional medicine in our municipality with those who were concerned that this stronghold of the art of healing would continue even with the fluctuations that might occur,” said the head of the judiciary.

Curator Calderon Leon celebrated the meeting as a return to the origins of ancestral knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

“Allopathic medicine has done its job, it has done research, but we must work together, and strengthen ourselves, because traditional medicine is integrative medicine, centered on the person and not on disease, and works on the person, in addition to the body, mind and spirit,” the Saudi Press Agency official emphasized.

Among the participants in this event was Robespier Jiménez, founder of Temacal in Lázaro Cárdenas, who congratulated the participation of those who came to share their mission in the Lázaro Cárdenas Exhibition of Traditional Medicine.

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