They demand that the medical profession be taught in Los Cabos

They demand that the medical profession be taught in Los Cabos

vice Sudcalifornian Renewal Party (PRS) Ida Maria Palacios Marquezin the last regular session on May 3, before State Congress The point of agreement is to urge the state to resume the project of opening the medical profession to be taught in independent university Baja California Sur(UABCS) Los Cabos Campus, which was unanimously approved.

The deputy stated that the opening Medical Degree in Baja California Sur It was a longing that had not materialized in the past fifteen years.

“As far as we know, it was a budget issue that prevented generations of young students in the state from getting the opportunity to study medicine on their lands,” he said.

He stressed that the demand is there, as well as the staff for teaching classes and in terms of infrastructure, He pointed out that there is an independent university for the state Where classes are possible, it is supported Through a feasibility study conducted in previous administrations.

He made it clear even in 2012 Signed an agreement with the National Polytechnic Institute To start the creation of a multidisciplinary professional La Paz unit that would offer the jobs of medical and nursing surgeons, which were not realized

After this, it resumed that the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur leads the race and said, “Even in its general university statute, the health sciences are incorporated as part of the fields of knowledge and with them, provide the legal framework for the transfer of the profession of medicine, social work, nursing and others in health matters.”

The deputy stressed that there are predecessors who have a healthy job in the entity, but what is required is a budget for the purchase and maintenance of equipment and the payment of administrative staff. The teacher, therefore, the intervention of the state and federal governments is required.

“We therefore call on the governor to consider the appropriateness of resuming the project, as the medical degree is taught at the relevant Autonomous University of Baja California Sur, and that the importance of teaching it on the campus in Los Cabos House of Studies.”

This is how, after it was put to a vote, a plenary session of Congress unanimously agreed to urge the governor, Victor Castro Castro, to resume the project and thus take steps with the federal government so that the race could take place in Baja California Sur. Medicine.

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