They deplore the unsafe path to medical school

They deplore the unsafe path to medical school

Parents of students from the Academic Unit of Medicine (UAM) at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ), on the Fresnillo campus, have deplored that access to the facilities is unsafe, which they fear for the safety of their children.

They stated that access is too far from the main road, as those traveling from the capital have to get off Federal Highway 45 and walk about one kilometer to enter the school.

In addition, 450 students attend classes very early, so they consider transportation and arrival conditions dangerous as there are no signs or bus stops nearby, and no general lighting.

In this situation, the coordinator, Itzel Bethesda Martinez Rocobo, reported that a consensus is being sought from students who go from Zacatecas by public transportation to manage the university’s own van, which is picked up in the capital and transported to the institution.

“It is possible that transportation from Zacatecas to Fresnillo will be at specific times, as well as determining whether boarding will be at a certain point in the city or from the Siglo 21 campus,” he added.

He explained that the Director of the Academic Unit, Rosa Martha Covarrubias Carrillo, is already analyzing the project and whether it will be free or will have a refund fee, so they hope to get it running this semester.

Similarly, Martinez Rocobo explained that negotiations have already begun with Federal Representative Benelli Herrera to rehabilitate rural road infrastructure and, in conjunction with the City Council, the installation of public lighting.

Finally, the coordinator noted that student safety is paramount to the university.

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