They have caught a supposed giant rat on the streets of New York; Spreading fast on Tik Tok | Video


In an age where videos are essential in the lives of Internet users, thanks to mobile phones, it is only natural that recordings beyond imagination are spreading within social networks. It is also true that many of them are wrong, but the versions are so good that they leave doubts within Internet users.

Today, one of the most popular social platforms is tik tokfor the dynamic it deals with to its users. This is why millions of videos are streamed daily, all with very special content. Wonderful and wonderful things also appeared, such as those experienced in the city new York, United State.

Huge rats caught in the streets of New York

Apparently in the streets big apple It inhabits a very common animal, but of large dimensions. that it flat A “giant” can be seen slowly walking through the streets and among parked cars. The person who was able to score it didn’t bother and let it go on its way, but He was able to document the rarity of rodents.

The animal walked the streets of New York (Photo: screenshot)

User was responsible for sharing the video via a file red social china And although its duration is just over 10 seconds, the supposed animal can be clearly seen walking without any worry. It has also gone viral, garnering nearly 2 million likes and shared nearly 170,000 times.

The flat It is quite gray and gives the appearance of a type of beaver due to its shape, although its long tail denounces it as such. It can be even larger than the rabbit, an animal that is often compared to a large rodent.

employment Networks social Opinions about the possible animal actually being divided are divided, and although some have asserted that it is in fact an otter, there are those who say it is an animal. wombat. Thus, they discussed over 53,000 comments within the post.

If you want to watch the full video click here.

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