They have confirmed the existence of a series about El Píngüino – The Sun Post

They have confirmed the existence of a series about El Píngüino – The Sun Post

Angels. hbo maxTV platform warner media, They will shoot a series that continues the plot of the movie BatmanShe will star in Colin Farrell penguinone of the villains in headband;

The company announced the project prompted in large part by the good reception of the latest batch of Batmanwhich grossed nearly $300 million in its first week in theaters around the world.

Only in the United States, Robert Pattinson debuted as the new Bruce Wayne It beat all expectations with a total of $134 million during its opening weekend, becoming the second film Highest profit since the start of the pandemic after Spider-Man: There is no room for home.

In other words, the dazzling premiere generated a box office revenue in three days that was higher than the entire commercial series for strips like “Dune,” the second most-nominated movie for the 2022 Academy Awards with ten nominations.

Matt Reeves, Director “Batman” will be executive producer of “Penguin” serieswhich will recreate the character’s life after the end of film.

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hbo max He was preparing for another series about the corruption of a city Gotham And that it would serve as a precursor to the film, but sources consulted by Deadline stress that the idea has been discarded.

Reeves promised during a show “Batman” in studies Warner Bros.

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