They mimic the organization of applying vaccines in medical school


Oaxaca, Oax. April 14, 2021. – At 10 am, they warn that welfare personnel will organize people who have been trained in medical school.

At five in the afternoon, the so-called servers of the nation only count the number of people, but nothing of the request made.

People who have come to line up since Monday noon say they will not move.

They are angry because some of them gave 11 in the morning, others, at 8 in the morning, and another one drew only his signature and was not given any time.

“On Thursday the 15th they will apply the vaccine to those who received the vaccine on March 9th,” says a voice barely audible.

“You can stay or go, this is your decision, if you want to sleep here but we will start as scheduled”, ironically, says a girl wearing a cherry jacket who identifies herself as “Licenciada Dominga” to the elderly who ask why do people continue without moving .

– Is there anyone who gives us information? They say to a young man who is also angry, because the matter is simulated.

Ask the lawyer, we have been ordered to be here, but the only ones who decide are the servants of the nation.

-When do you call me to Wiskacho? Is it better to eat pizza? Ha, ha, ha, so conversations while filling out the forms they made clear will only serve as a guide.

Another person filling out the forms says, “They will be treated tomorrow when they arrive, and no one can ask people to leave.”

They set up about 20 reception tables, but they didn’t provide slides, and they didn’t even use a numerical sequence, they are far from knowing the alphabet.

“In Mexico City, there is a lot of arrangement in applying the vaccine, and I have a family that didn’t line up,” says a man claiming to be a lawyer.

“Well, go to Mexico City and leave where you are waiting. Who asked you to train?” Says a woman full of rage wears a green T-shirt from extinct Seguro Popular.

But they stopped her at the door, as she was one of the many “coyotes” that had lined up for many people, none of them her family.

The nation’s servant explained, “You can only pass three ballot papers.”

It’s the same after hours in a row in line, because it puts the people, who are in place without even moving.

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