They rescue 251 migrants in Sonora; There are 10 detainees

They rescue 251 migrants in Sonora;  There are 10 detainees

Elements of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC), under the command of the Public Ministry The Federal Public Prosecutor's Office in the State of Sonora, subordinate to the Public Prosecutor's Office (FGR), successfully rescued 251 migrants Of different nationalities in cooperation with the National Immigration Institute.

The migrants were rescued as a result of an anonymous complaint

It was an anonymous complaint about the possible commission of an offense under immigration lawDuring the inspection, migrants were found traveling in containers transported in train cars.

in the place The potential perpetrators were arrested Who said it is illegal:

  • Marcos Osuna Ramos
  • Jose Adan Arriaga Sotelo
  • Leonardo Salcedo Ramos
  • Javier Bahena Alvarez
  • Guillermo Hernandez Medrano
  • John Zabala Carreon
  • Gabino Ruiz Valenzuela
  • Jesus Martin Valencia Badachi
  • Javier Cervantes Pérez
  • Jorge Antonio Montero Ronquillo

In containers where At the place where the migrants were traveling, mobile phones and documents were also found where the names of the people allegedly involved were confirmed..

Among those rescued were Ecuadorians, Salvadorans and Africans

The immigrants were of nationality Ecuadorians, Salvadorans and Africans, the FGR elements therefore requested support from the staff of the National Institute of Migration (INM), to verify their nationality and immigration status, which resulted in their illegal presence in the national territory, For this reason, they were transferred to the facilities of the aforementioned institute in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, as rescued migrants. Among those rescued were also several minors.

Migrants rescued in a container in Sonora
Migrants rescued in a container in Sonora. Image: Fajr

In view of the above, the The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) continues the investigation to do what is in accordance with the law

Immigrants: an issue on the agenda of the relationship with the United States

the The recent events occur amid an open debate on the issue of immigration. Just last week it was announced that the United States may close its border with Mexico when it “collapses.”

This will be the “hardest” immigration reform agreement in decades in the American Union to restrict the flow of immigrants On the border with Mexico, but its implementation requires the green light from Congress.

They could restrict border crossings if the daily average of migrants reaches 4,000 per week. But they will be obliged to ban it if it exceeds an average of 5,000 per day – in a period of seven consecutive days – about 8,500 per day.

president of the United States, A few days ago, Joe Biden called on Republicans in Congress to approve a joint bipartisan bill to control immigration. He said in a statement that this would be “the hardest and fairest set of reforms.”

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