They reveal the disturbing sound of the Earth’s magnetic field | Science and Ecology | Dr..

They reveal the disturbing sound of the Earth’s magnetic field |  Science and Ecology |  Dr..

In collaboration with some Danish musicians and Swarm mission records, the European Space Agency (ESA, its English acronym) recently revealed the disturbing sound made by the Earth’s magnetic field.

This magnetic force that protects our planet is constantly under attack. It is like a dynamic bubble that protects us from cosmic radiation and particles charged by the strong solar wind.

Accurate measurements of signals from the ground

Normally, these magnetic fields cannot be seen or heard. Only when outer particles collide with atoms and molecules – mainly from Oxygen and nitrogen In the upper atmosphere, some of this energy from the collisions is converted into blue-green light known as the aurora borealis, which can be seen from the southern hemisphere.

It studies the European Space Agency’s triple Swarm satellites, which were launched in 2013, and provides new insights into how Earth’s magnetic field is generated. The space instrument measured magnetic signals coming from Earth’s core, mantle, crust, oceans, ionosphere and magnetosphere.

Union “Art and Science”

Recently, a group of musicians and scientists banded together to transform all those space measurements and finally give the Earth’s magnetic field sound. It can be the result of your work Hear it here.

“The team used data from the European Space Agency’s Swarm satellites, as well as other sources, and used these magnetic signals to manipulate and control the sound representation of the central field. The project has certainly been a useful exercise in linking art and science.” Musician Klaus Nielsen from the Technical University of Denmark.

A sound that can be “very scary”

According to the artists, the sound was designed to be heard through a sound system consisting of more than 30 speakers, which were placed under drainage systems at Solbjerg Square in Copenhagen.

And Nielsen added: “The rumble of the Earth’s magnetic field accompanied by imaging of a geomagnetic storm caused by a solar flare on November 3, 2011, and it looks very frightening.”

Edited by Jose Ignacio Origola

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