This influencer has the largest lips in the world, this is the fortune she spent on surgeries

This influencer has the largest lips in the world, this is the fortune she spent on surgeries

Bulgarian influencer Andrea Ivanova She caused a stir on social media after revealing she had more filler injections, despite warnings from her fans that Your lips could “explode”. The model spent about 172 thousand pesos on her obsession with being a Bratz doll, But instead of praise, he receives nothing but criticism. “I still want bigger lips and will go through more plastic surgery to make them even bigger,” she said.

This is how he looked before his aesthetic interventions. Photo: private.

The 25-year-old stated that she doesn’t care what people think of her, and that her goal is to “satisfy herself” and find happiness. Some of his followers applauded his words and her new appearance, which they saw as a sign of “sheer beauty and perfection”, others expressed concern about her health and mental well-being.

It’s been a long way

Content Builder She started with surgical interventions in 2018 Since then he has added followers, he currently has more than 26k. According to the Daily Star, he said, “Every month I’ll put more padding on, but I can’t even count the total amount I spent.”

She confirms that she is happy. Photo: @andrea88476.

Previously, the former philosophy student claimed that several clinics “refused” her to give her more lip fillings as future procedures. It can be “fatal”.

Lack of medical ethics?

Many criticized the doctors who provided the treatmentarguing that they should be responsible for protecting their patients from long-term harm.

She is constantly criticized and harassed on the networks. Photo: @andrea88476.

Despite the online criticism, Ivanova has stated that she will continue to look for ways to improve her physical appearance, and that another goal of hers is to have “the biggest cheekbones in the world”. Meanwhile, his fans continue Expressing concern and hope that the young woman will find happiness and contentment within herselfinstead of looking for it in physical perfection.

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