This is equivalent to the 100 largest companies in Mexico

This is equivalent to the 100 largest companies in Mexico

What are the 100 largest companies in Mexico?

The importance of these 100 companies in the Mexican business environment is more evident if one considers that their sales are equivalent to 61% of the country’s GDP, which is higher than the production value of countries such as Sweden (13.4 billion), Belgium (12.6 billion), Israel (10.2 billion) and Argentina ( 9.8 billion) and Norway (9.3 billion).

So there is no doubt that this group of companies, led by Petróleos Mexicanos, América Móvil, Walmart de México, Comision Federal de Electricidad, FEMSA, General Motors de México, Grupo Bimbo, Alfa, Grupo México and Cemex, has a significant weight in the economy and business activity of the country. .

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What is the size of the 100 most important companies in Mexico?

But as the saying goes “everything depends on the glass you look at”, and if you compare sales The 100 largest companies in Mexico With the 100 largest companies in the US, those in that country generate 13 times the income (213.5 billion pesos). Sales of the top 100 Mexican companies account for just 7.3% of what their US counterparts generate, according to data from Bloomberg.

Wal-Mart, Inc. sales add. (11.6 billion pesos) and Amazon (9.6 billion pesos), the two largest companies in the US economy, amounted to 21.2 billion pesos, an amount that is 1.4 times more than what the 100 companies amounted to. The largest in Mexico (15.3 billion).

If we compare the 100 largest Mexican companies with their counterparts in Brazil, an economy that is more similar in size to the Mexican economy and with which comparisons are made frequently, then Brazilian companies also outperform Mexican companies.

Although the difference between Mexican and Brazilian companies is smaller. The cumulative sales of the 100 largest companies in Brazil (16.8 billion pesos) are only 10% higher than those achieved by Mexican companies, according to data from Bloomberg.

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