This is how medical students will return to UNAM classes on Monday


As of November 22 medical school from One He will be returning to the classroom after the long confinement witnessed by the highest school house due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The authorities of this college have announced that they will return to the classroom in person through a hybrid model where 50 percent of the students will be in the college while the other 50 percent will follow classes roughly.

For this return to the classroom, student authorities will incorporate health protocols, which will include random antigen tests, classes with carbon dioxide measurements, extracts, and ventilation, as well as the mandatory use of a mask.

(Descriptive image: quartoscuro)

The above in addition to the face-to-face procedures that are already carried out within the faculties of chemistry, the same medical school College of Philosophy and Arts.

In the same way, employees of this university, as security agents and officials, must wear face masks at all times and respect the health regulations for this return to the classroom.

Likewise, there are young people who do not know the facilities of the various colleges because they are newcomers, so students in more advanced years have given themselves the task of providing short tours of the school corridors.


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