This is how the earthquake recorded in Lima was witnessed from TV


a strong earthquake 6.0 night shook June 22 Lima and different modes They managed to catch the live jolt.

agreed local media s Peru Seismological Agency, the epicenter was 100 km south of كيلومتر lima cityNear the town of Mala.

6.0-magnitude earthquake strikes Lima, Peru; They streamed videos

TV stations broadcast on Alive they managed to capture the moment From Strong earthquake.

Earthquake damage in Peru?

So far, the Peruvian authorities have notified At least 20 homes were damaged And stops in some areas of the Lima metropolitan train.

Fortunately, there were no deaths or injuries from the earthquake.

mayor lima, Jorge Muñoz reported that 13 of the capital’s 43 districts suffered “some kind of damage” from the earthquake, which caused no casualties.

The National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) determined that in the Lima regions of Villa Maria del Triunfo and La Molina, houses and streets were damaged, as well as in the neighboring coastal city of Callao.

Mayor of Mala Sonia Ramos, he said that eight mud-brick houses were almost destroyed and 10 people were bruised in that region.

The CEO of the Geophysical Institute of Peru, Hernando Tavira, said that 13 aftershocks of the strong earthquake were recorded during the early hours of Wednesday. However, many of them were imperceptible to the population.

Peru experiences at least 100 earthquakes every year Perceivable to the population, it is located in the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, a region of extensive Telluric activity that extends along the western coast of the American continent.


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