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The Holy Father began a new cycle of catechism to reflect on some of the topics raised by the Apostle Paul in his Epistle to the Galatians, because, as he explained, he not only allows us to know the life of the Apostle, but also invites us to deepen some of the current questions in the life of the Church. Remembering that next week we will celebrate the Feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, Francis called us to ask the Lord through his intercession to help us open up to his grace.

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At his public meeting this morning, which took place in the courtyard of San Damaso of the Apostolic Palace, in front of a few faithful and pilgrims from different countries, the Holy Father, after a long journey devoted to prayer, began a new cycle of prayer. Christian education To reflect on some of the topics presented by the Apostle Paul in his book A letter to the Galatians.

Freedom, grace and the Christian way of life الحياة

Speaking in our language, the Pope explained that this message, on the one hand, helps to better understand the life of the Apostle, including his conversion and follow-up to Jesus. At the same time he invites us, on the other hand, to delve into some of the important questions he poses which, according to the Holy Father, are also present today in the Church, such as the question of freedom, grace and the Christian way of life.

Saint Paul warned of the danger…

Summing up the apostle’s life, the pontiff stressed that after the founding of some groups in the region of Galatia, St. Paul warned of danger, because “some Christians from Judaism began to infiltrate, debunk contrary theories, and presented themselves as the only owner of the truth, sowing chaos and division” .

“What we must note is the pastoral interest of Paul who, having founded these churches, is aware of a great danger which they seek for their growth in the faith.”

These first and small groups – the Pope continued – thanks to the apostle “they knew new life and new freedom in Christ”, but “from that moment and in the face of these criticisms and tensions, their faith began to falter.”

Truth holders

Today too, as in those times, some present Christianity as if they were “the owners of the truth,” with the temptation to lock themselves in some forms and traditions of the past as a possible solution to crises.

For this reason, Francis asserted that in the face of “this temptation,” the teaching that the Apostle gave us in the Letter to the Galatians is that we “follow the path of Jesus crucified, liberated, and new” and that:

“Let us continue the path of the Annunciation, which is accomplished with humility and fraternity. And to do so with confidence, and certainty that the Holy Spirit always works and guides the Church”

Greetings from the Pope

“I cordially greet the Spanish-speaking faithful. Let us ask the Lord, through the intercession of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, whom we will celebrate next week, to help us open up to His grace, to be able to see the truth and freedom that comes from the encounter with Christ. God bless you.” Thank you so much”

The Pope asked dear Portuguese-speaking brothers and sisters to always remember that “the proclamation of the Gospel is done in humility and fraternity, not by imposing, but by showing the way forward.”

In his heartfelt greetings to the French-speaking pilgrims, Francis told them that the liberating path to which Saint Paul refers “is the always new way of a dead and resurrected Jesus, the way of meek confidence and obedience, in the certainty that the Holy Spirit works in every age of the Church.”

Reminding the English-speaking faithful to celebrate tomorrow the birthday of Saint John the Baptist, Francis suggested that they imitate the humble witness of the one who made reference to the Lamb of God. And he called upon them all and their families the joy and peace of the Lord.

Addressing our dear Polish brothers and sisters, Pope Francis joined in prayer with those who suffered from the fire that broke out last Saturday in Nowa Biawa, “Thank God there were no deaths.”

“We ask for the blessing of consolation, support and human solidarity for those who lost their homes and possessions”

And before blessing them from the heart, he wished them all and their loved ones a peaceful summer, living in the presence of God, in the Holy Spirit.

To German-speaking pilgrims, the Holy Father wished that the example of Saint Paul’s missionary zeal would encourage them to “proclaim and joyfully live the truth of the Gospel” and that “the Holy Spirit will always keep them united as faithful servants of”. Jesus the lord “.

In his salutation to the Arabic-speaking believers, Francis reminded them that the path we must take to reach the Lord “is the path of liberation and the always new of Jesus crucified and risen. It is the revelation of revelation made in humility and brotherhood. It is the meek trust and obedience, but always with the help of the Holy Spirit who works in every age from the days of the Church.

While greeting the Italian-speaking pilgrims, the pope reminded them that tomorrow is the birthday of Saint John the Baptist “whom God sent to bear witness to the light and prepare a people willing for the Lord.”

Saint John the Baptist

“By his intercession I wish each of you abundant blessings, so that his generous intentions of fidelity to the Lord’s call may be strengthened.”

Finally, the Pope addressed his thoughts to the old and the young, the sick and the newlyweds, saying to them:

“As I command you to renew your intentions of generous Christian witness, I call each one to the continuation of the Lord’s help.”

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