President Joe Biden suffered a first setback in the Senate: The Republican bloc rejected the electoral reform bill

Senate rejects President Joe Biden’s legal proposal

The U.S. congress The electoral reform bill promoted by President Joe Biden was rejected. The proposal, known as “People’s Act” (for the people’s law), was promoted as an initiative to protect voting among Hispanic and African American residents.

One of the priorities of the Biden administration fell by the wayside Mass democratic He did not get a majority of 60 votes in the Senate to advance the reform.

“This is not the end of the bill, this is just the beginning,” Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar said before the vote. He promised to schedule hearings and promote the proposal in order to bolster support for the project, And that I could go forward some other time with some changes.

The discussion was witnessed by the Vice President of that country, Kamala HarrisAs a demonstration of the importance of government. Harris was appointed, by President Biden, as the one responsible for ensuring the right to vote for minorities.

Vice President Kamala Harris witnessed the debate from the Senate
Vice President Kamala Harris witnessed the debate from the Senate

I suggest

Electoral reform was intended to counter the statewide Republican voting restrictions, by approving 14 laws limiting suffrage for Hispanic and African-American minorities. The bill was a priority on the US President’s agendaIn their quest for rapprochement with populations least inclined to go to the polls.

Conservatives assert that their goal is to stop wrongdoing, But Democrats believe their real goal is to end the controls that prevented former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) from nullifying the results of the 2020 presidential election, which Biden won.

Are we going to let the most liar ex-president in our history continue to poison our democracy from within? asked Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, referring to Trump.

The US Senate has opposed President Biden's proposal
The US Senate has opposed President Biden’s proposal

before voting, Several Republican senators felt that the bill would reduce the power of states to regulate elections, and criticized several points of its content.Like the possibility of voter registration on the same election day.

This means allowing the federal government to control our electoral system“It has always been under the rule of states,” Republican Senator Rob Portman said before the vote.

expected result

The bill passed in the Democratic-controlled House but is doomed in the Senate., 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans and where a narrow Democratic majority is secured by a vote of Vice President Kamala Harris.

The initiative did not reach the necessary 60 votes To pass a procedural vote that will enable consideration.

The first setback for the President of the United States in the Senate
The first setback for the President of the United States in the Senate

Leader of the Senate Democrats, Chuck Schumer criticized his rivals for seeking a “blatant” party electoral advantage.

Schumer said Republicans, well aware that Trump feels that mail-in voting and other options to exercise the right to vote led to his defeat, “They are deliberately targeting all the ways that younger, poor, non-white, and typically Democratic voters vote.”

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