This is how they shot the dog that was in the shelter the longest

This is how they shot the dog that was in the shelter the longest

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Unfortunately they do exist many puppies Living on the street, but thanks to various institutions, they manage to get a second chance by finding a home where they give them the love they’ve always longed for. However, there are some puppies or kittens that can spend a lot of time in these places. waiting to be adopted.

Bonita is a small dog who lived 500 days at the Niagara SPCA shelter and was the little flanker who lived the longest He was in this place, so those in his care put “their hands to work.” to try to find a home for her.

After Bonita’s story spread, a couple went to the shelter and when they met her, they fell in love with the dog. So they started the process of adopting her and thus were able to take her to her new home. The shelter studied the case and finally gave the go-ahead for the dog to go with her owners.

Because Bonita was one of the shelter’s most beloved tenants They took care of her and decided to say a little goodbye to her.

Through a video uploaded to social networks that was captured by Animalizar, The moment when the dog gets out of the shelter, surrounded by all the people, is noted who were responsible for her care during the 500 days she lived in her place.

With applause and even confetti, the dog was kicked out as they walked their new owners. Bonita seemed very excited and seemed to know her stay at this place was He finished, so he approached the employees of the place where he had spent more than a year to say goodbye to them.


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