US Green Card processing is facilitated by Uno TV

US Green Card processing is facilitated by Uno TV

changes on General charge final rule From The Department of Homeland Securitywhich denied people access green cardwhich went into effect on Friday, December 23, so more people in United State will be able to get permanent residence.

the The Department of Homeland Security Amend regulations to remove certain grounds of inadmissibility that were created during the mandate Former President Donald Trump to get Legal permanent residence and other immigration benefits.

What happened to citizens of the United States who received medical benefits?

Previously, if it was a People who were not citizens of the United States got some medical benefits Granted by the government, they were Not allowed to access a green cardBecause it is likely at any time become a general charge. This new rule applies a different policy than the 2019 rule.

to me The Department of Homeland Securitythe Final verdict for 2022 Provides clarity and consistency to non-nationals on how to Reason for inadmissibility On general fee grounds that have been in place for decades, when it began to be considered that obtaining public health benefits such as Medicaid was a basis for not being granted permanent residence.

What do you think of the final rule to reach green card?

The immigration authorities will assess each case It will determine whether the applicant is a public issue, because if that is the case, the applicant will be rejected green card. The final rule will consider the age of the applicant; his health; the state of the family; your assets, resources, and financial situation; In addition to your education and skills that allow you to work in the united states.

What benefits are not considered in the final rule?

However, the final rule for 2022 will not take that into account Receipt of non-monetary benefits Such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, public housing, or school lunch programs.

What is the green card?

the green card he is immigrant visa which grants its bearer a Unlimited residence and work permit in the United States. Among its main benefits is that you can get unlimited entry to this country, live without restrictions in any country, and the beneficiary after 3 to 5 years can apply for US citizenship.

This card Valid for lifeBut It must be renewed after 10 yearsLike an ID card. If the holder does not comply with this renewal, he will be subject to the payment of a penalty. However, the green card Also can be withdrawn If it is proved that the owners are committed determined crimes or offenses.

What are the benefits green card?

Moreover, with green card Work requirements are less stringent, business licenses can be obtained more easily and quickly, you can study without a student visa, legal and permanent immigration for retirement, the right to pension insurance, health care and other state benefits. Click this Link for more details.

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