in Jordan; the iconic Petra monument recording the floods; Evacuation of tourists: video

in Jordan;  the iconic Petra monument recording the floods;  Evacuation of tourists: video

Evacuation of tourists from the monument of Petra in Jordanwhich is an archaeological area included in the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), because of the power of floods which are reported in that part of the Middle Eastern country.

Strong floods recorded in Petra. Photo: Getty Images.

Through social networks, videos of water falls caused by them Flooding in the archaeological area of ​​the Petra monument.

In the pictures published by the local media as well Petra emergency units to help tourists; In addition, some stone structures are not enough to stop the water that comes from the cliffs.

They expect more precipitation in the next few hours

In this regard, the Petra Region Tourism and Development Authority called on citizens to be careful and stay away from streams, drains and valleys. Because of the rising water level and flowthe dead.

District authority Petra warns citizens of the need to stay away from banks and Valleys, and not to leave their homes during the rainy season, because of the high water level and the flow of torrents. It is expected to increase in the next few hours in the region.

Petra Region Tourism and Development Authority.

There is no danger to tourists

International media reported that around 1,700 tourists were evacuated from the ancient site of Petra; They are the authorities who anticipated the situation Stable, without danger to tourists, as floods have been repeated due to continuous rains for 30 years.

What is the Petra monument?

UNESCO describes the city of Petra, located between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, as Nabataean city has been inhabited since prehistoric times. In ancient times, it was an important crossroads for trade caravans that passed between the Arabian Peninsula. EgyptSyria and Phenicia.

Partly carved into the rock and partly built in the midst of a circus of mountains criss-crossed by passes and valleys, Petra is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the worldwhere the influences of the traditions of the ancient East and those of Hellenistic architecture blend.

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