This is the contempt that the family suffers from

This is the contempt that the family suffers from

The CHOOSE MIR . VENUE It’s just about the bar. In fact, medical graduates with an application number in the final list of results will have to submit an online application for placement from April 21. For this reason, more and more students are asking for advice from current residents in making this decision. However, although there are disciplines that are more in demand than others, such as family Medicine , She is also one of the people who suffer the most from “disdain”.

“You have a lot of talent, and choosing a family will kill it.”. With this confirmation, Ines, Mir and the future resident decided to denounce through their social networks the comments that they receive after the announcement of the specialty of their choice. One user criticized in this regard, “It is unfortunate that there is a MIR with this mentality and that they put on top of that a board on who will catch the family.”

An opinion shared by a number of colleagues in the profession confirming this “There are no first or second-class specialties or hospitals.”. “If you are happy with what you choose, your talent will be enhanced,” they wrote, adding that it is much better “to be a happy doctor than to be a frustrated one.”

Mir election: ‘There are no better or worse disciplines’

Azahara Herrera, R4 . Family Medicine, as he wanted to give his point of view on this issue and how the specialization “taken it and not the other way around”. “I was going to a psychiatrist and in the end I decided to do Familiaa specialty that I would not change for anything,” he wrote. In addition, Herrera included everything that this area offered him as a professional: Variety, versatility, safety and the ‘clinical eye’ for diagnosis.

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