Treasury, Micitt, IMN and Racsa attacked by ‘hackers’, Science Minister said

Treasury, Micitt, IMN and Racsa attacked by ‘hackers’, Science Minister said

In addition to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Technology (Micitt), the National Meteorological Institute (IMN) and the Costa Rican Radiological Institute (Racsa) were also targets. pirates That since Sunday night attacking the systems of public institutions.

This was acknowledged on Wednesday, at a press conference by Micitt’s chairwoman, Paula Vega. In that ministry’s case, he said, they only found “a modification of the contents of the web page,” with no evidence of information snatching. In the case of IMN and Racsa, what happened was the “email archive extraction process.”

This Wednesday, an attack on the HR portal also appeared, as the organization itself announced.

Jorge Mora, director of digital governance for that ministry, specified that an email server was hacked at the Meteorological Institute, while at Racsa it was a “secondary mail server”. He also said that they are in contact with the fund and that the situation is already under control.

“As in all kinds of cybersecurity situations, it is important to maintain fairness, communication and information between technical teams and the hierarchy. For this reason, the Board of Directors dedicated itself yesterday (Tuesday) to analyzing the situation and answering guidance that leaders might request; Minister Vega said to explain The silence to which the government has so far kept, that we are in the process of due diligence with the seriousness involved, the technical teams must have the space to carry out the corresponding analyses.

He emphasized that apart from the analysis, prevention processes and mitigation measures are being developed. Likewise, alerts have been issued so that other organizations are prepared for these events.

“We are in the process of identifying risks in other institutions so that teams can address them preventively,” he stressed.

He reiterated that there are alliances with other countries and companies and a cybersecurity group established in Costa Rica. “We have coordinated to address this situation in the fastest, efficient and expeditious manner possible,” he said.

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