Scholar from Honduras awarded by the Catholic University of Chile – Science

Scholar from Honduras awarded by the Catholic University of Chile – Science

Tegucigalpa, April 20 (EFE). – Honduran scientist Hector Ramos was awarded this Wednesday by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile the Cardinal Neumann Prize, in the science and engineering category, told the professional from the Central American country Effie.

The award was given to Ramos for his doctoral research on the use of nanoparticles to study the transport of exosomes to the brain via the lymphatic pathway.

Ramos, who has lived in Chile for four years, is in the final year of his doctorate at the Pontifical Catholic University of the South American country.

The scientist heads the medical research group of the Catholic University of Honduras at its branch located in San Pedro Sula, in the north of his country.

Ramos appealed to the government and the academy of his country to support the research projects of Honduran professionals, many of whom excel in the scientific field in various countries of America and Europe.

In his opinion, “It is important as a society that we support young people who have projects and dreams aimed at improving people’s lives.”

Ramos, 32, a native of Puerto Cortes, in the Caribbean region of his country, is the first Honduran to receive the Cardinal Neumann Prize from the prestigious Chilean University, where his research has been evaluated, analyzing and discovering new ways of communicating with the human brain.

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