Xochicalco students start in the twelfth grade. medical conference

Xochicalco students start in the twelfth grade.  medical conference

Carla Padilla / El Vega
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The 12th edition of the Medical Student Conference of the University of Xochicalco (Cemux) was organized entirely by students (Cemux), aimed at students and health professionals, and opened yesterday.
Jes Vicente Basurto Nez, Class VIII medical student and chair of the Cemux Organizing Committee, noted that during these days they will cover topics that, as health students, one should be familiar with, such as the emergency area, pediatrics and cardiologist, among others.
He said that all the presentations will focus on having something very objective to be able to implement a good application in medicine.
The student explained that this type of conference provides a lot of knowledge with updated information provided by medical professionals, which encourages them to move forward and continue their search for the necessary knowledge.
He stated that those interested in participating in the presentations can still register for the following days of the conference, through the Instagram account @ cemux_12, where they will find the pre-registration link.
In this regard, he commented that there has been a good response from the students who will take the lectures in the institution hall, while outsiders can attend in person or follow them via digital platforms.

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On his part, Cimetrio Rojas Vergara, Director of the Faculty of Medicine, emphasized the fact that it is a conference organized entirely by students with the support of the school authorities, as it allows them to gain the ability to approach and persuade specialists to participate. , as well as the ability to meet.
He pointed out that the organization allows the students themselves to be the ones who choose the specialties they want to deal with and the topics in the health field.
He concluded by saying that it is an example of our students’ ability to organize an event of this scale, it is an amazing event, it is an event with a very committed staff and we are very proud of them.

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