La Jornada Maya – Poebril, the poetic exercise of the collective Letrantes

La Jornada Maya – Poebril, the poetic exercise of the collective Letrantes

The Letrantes group started as a writing workshop, however, in 2019, writing and workshops were the least we did. In those days we had toiletsradio program, and Toilet, an increasingly popular quarterly decoration, in addition to our participation in literary events increasing in frequency. We met at least three times a week – not counting outings – but very little of that time was spent on creativity.

We realized that something was missing, both individually and collectively. When we put our feelings center stage at the annual planning meeting, we discovered that we needed more time for ourselves “as writing friends” and less “as a management team.” 2020 will be an opportunity to focus our artistic efforts not on the outside, but towards the community itself. Then came the epidemic.

We find in the virtual space to continue synchronization, however, between the seasons OnlineThe home office And with epidemic emotional exhaustion, video calls have not been the best option. From the need to do something together, along with the need to be creative, Poebril 2020 was born: a poetic exercise consisting of writing a text daily throughout the month of April.

Poebril plays one word a day It is the project slogan for which we chose a list of thirty words and assigned one for each day of the month. This list is published on our networks in order to invite our friends and followers to share short texts without any restrictions on gender: haikus, proverbs, mini-stories, anecdotes, proverbs, jokes; Everyone is welcome.

The gameplay is very simple: just write a text with the word of the day and share it with the hashtag #Poebril2022 to participate in this third edition. Each year, the group selects the best collaborations to publish in a small digital anthology. That’s why we want to share with you some of our favorite texts from previous versions so we can encourage you to participate in the rest of the month. The word list can be found on our page Facebook words.

Text from Merlina Monastery

Text Yeser Pacheco

Wilbert Osorno’s text

Paul text

Text by Mario Lopez Ariza Valencia

Read the here Bowbriel 2020 and 2021

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Edition: Mirna Abreu

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