MIR 2023 Exam: When do you start preparing?

MIR 2023 Exam: When do you start preparing?


ready to MIRT Exam They have clear. Applicants should start preparing for the exam for doctors “Urgent”. This is how you guarantee Pilar Pereza member of the Teaching Department of Academia AMIR, is sure that all the time allotted to study by the candidates will bring them an assignment benefit face toFor performance in the implementation of the exercise. However, not everyone enters this stage at the same time. Which is that the start of preparation, he notes, will depend on The circumstances of each doctor.

in the data for medical writingPerez, in general, refers to the beginning of IR . setting starts at the same time last year of medicineAlthough he notes that “the personal circumstances of each student must always be taken into account.”

In this regard, he stresses that the priority of students during the sixth year will be to finish medicine, and therefore, it must be taken into account that The curriculum of each university It can mark the moment when future applicants begin to give one hundred percent of themselves.

“Being a good doctor does not start from a score in MIR, but from the empathy, scientific rigor, and affection with which they treat their patients”

“In some universities, the sixth year of medicine is completely free of academic burdens, while in other faculties it is a course that is used, with subjects, exams, practices, etc.,” the teacher explains, stressing that during this period, applicants should do everything in their power to advance the work. for the following stages. “It is imperative that they always carry out Scheduled workouts in your calendar He adds that the most important and important topics that they will study later.”

Advice before starting the preparation of MIR

Like the vast majority of preparers, Perez warns that The MIR study is a “long-distance race” As such, applicants should be “prepared” for the months ahead: “They will be months in which they will have to study for many hours a day, but of course they will have time to rest, disconnect, and seek rewards in daily work,” he explains.

Therefore, it is imperative that doctors follow a ‘rigid’ planning In terms of rest periods and establishing a study routine that helps them carry through the day to day MIR.

Second, Perez recalls that the MIR test is intended to Driving opponents In order to allocate available specialized health training places. For this reason, he points out that although it is a test that will determine the early years of his future career, MIR “doesn’t make a distinction who will be a good, bad, or professional doctor tomorrow”.

“This is an advantage that everyone carries inside and being a good physician does not start from a result in MIR, but from the empathy, scientific rigor and affection with which they treat their patients tomorrow. Understanding this helps a lot in lightening the burden during preparation, and it is essential to remember that our priority as physicians is to be good doctors and that MIR is only part of the way,” he encourages.

Finally, Perez urges applicants to remember that every effort has its reward and that it is “worth it.” “They have spent many years of training behind them and this is the last batch that will allow them to realize their dream, so They should take it seriously from the start And take advantage of every minute of their preparation,” recommends the teacher, who encourages all applicants facing this difficult stage.

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