The first edition of the training “Gender Perspective in Science” has been launched

The first edition of the training “Gender Perspective in Science” has been launched

The National Program for Gender Equality in Science and Technology has launched the first edition of the “Gender Perspective in Science” training targeting science and technology policy managers from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

The proposal consists of 6 weekly meetings where strategies and tools for integrating a gender perspective into public science and technology policies will be presented. It has a dynamic course work – a workshop that develops theoretical content, but creates a space for dialogue and exchange that makes it possible to reflect on the tasks of its participants based on the proposed content. It has three instructors who conduct academic and professional activities specializing in this topic in Santa Fe County: Valentina Luscher, Laura Dunnett, and Luisina Loguidis.

Among the training objectives:

• Knowing and managing the main theoretical elements related to gender, gender bias and gender approach in research.
• Knowing and analyzing the mechanisms of introducing a gender perspective in the research processes of the various disciplines.
• Identifying procedures and strategies to enhance a gender perspective in scientific research and policies in various fields and disciplines.

Last Thursday, the 21st, the first mixed meeting was held, which was attended by more than 30 people from the Ministry of Science and participants from the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), the national agency for the promotion of technological research. Development and Innovation, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Diversity.

The Executive Secretary of the National Program, Maria Victoria Tignino, highlighted the importance of strengthening training spaces that allow those working in the Department of Science and Technology to question their own practices, for the direction towards the appropriate integration of a gender perspective into the content of research, development and innovation policies, programs and projects.

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