Avoiding information overload is already a priority for employee well-being

Avoiding information overload is already a priority for employee well-being

Avoiding information overload is already a priority for employee well-being

Infoxication is the phenomenon that occurs when we receive far more information than we can process. This information overload results in negative effects on people, such as difficulty concentrating, memory failure, or anxiety.

Companies are increasingly aware of the problems created by this overload of information. In fact, as a distinctly emerging trend, 43% of major companies in Spain already have programs to deal with redundant information, up 7% from last year.

The best organizations work on various ways to reduce the “noise” reaching employees (information overload, excessive meetings, out-of-hours messaging, bombardment of internal communications, etc.) To help them maintain the ability to focus in this hyper-connected environment.

Among the good practices developed by companies top employersHighlightMeditation or Full focus of the mind (86% of these organizations have already implemented them), time management courses (92%), initiatives to discourage sending out-of-hours emails (69%) or vacation do-not-disturb policies (51%). It is clear that the implementation of all these initiatives has intensified in the past two years.

Companies must work to ensure that employees regain the ability to focus and reduce the level of stress, which can eventually lead to burnout. What we see in our analysis is that Top Employer companies are investing more time and resources than ever before in ensuring the emotional balance of their employees”Highlights Massimo Beguel, Regional Director of the Top Employers Institute for Spain and Italy.

One of the clear results of the pandemic has been that companies are more aware of the importance of well-being, especially everything related to mental health. Top Employers are reassessing their wellness and work-life initiatives to ensure employees can relax and enjoy time living outside of work.

As indicated by the last World of Work Trends Report 2022 At the Institute of Top Employers, one of the key elements of this approach to wellness is requiring employees to do so They themselves set their own limits to maintain physical and mental health. “New ways of working, with many employees isolated at home, poses new challenges. It is very important for companies to ensure that employees have time to separate and thus reduce stress, since the first symptoms of problems with emotional balance cannot easily be detected”says this report.

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