This is the new post that will largely replace it – Teach Me About Science

This is the new post that will largely replace it – Teach Me About Science
Goodbye WhatsApp voice: this is the new feature that will largely replace it.

Several features and functions have been reported this year that will completely change the way we look at WhatsApp. We recently reported that WhatsApp states that it will be completely revamped and now we have a new one, the audios that are shared in the messaging app will be largely replaced thanks to the introduction of Video Messages.

According to WABetaInfoIn the WhatsApp beta update for iOS available in the TestFlight app, the social networking company is working on a new feature that will allow video messages to be sent to a future update. If you’re using Telegram, you’re probably familiar with this feature, read on to find out what it’s all about!

Basically, this new WhatsApp functionality will be the same that Telegram has offered for several years, and thanks to this feature, users can send short videos as messages by simply pressing the camera icon in the same place where the message appears. audio microphone icon In WhatsApp, it will allow you to send videos of up to 60 seconds, becoming a new way to communicate with friends, family and other contacts.

In the following screenshots, you can see how video messages work. Instead of just sending an audio note, there will be the ability to embed a clip, in this way users are expected to better understand the message being sent by including the visual content.

The image shows what it will be like to bring the new feature to WhatsApp (left) and what the functionality looks like in Telegram (right). The arrow indicates which symbol to press to start recording. (Photo: WABetaInfo/Teach Me About Science).

It should be noted that this new feature is still under development and will be released in a future update, and as soon as it is available, we will make a detailed article about what it is and how to benefit from it.

As we mentioned at the beginning, status updates in WhatsApp will also change completely, the entire tab. WhatsApp will add a new section in the status tab: a newsletter that can tentatively be called “newsletter”, although it doesn’t have an official name because the tool is still in development. But that’s not all, the inclusion of the newsletter means the status tab has been completely redesigned, and one of the most noticeable changes is that status updates will be displayed in a horizontal rather than vertical layout, getting closer to what Instagram is.

Thanks to flyers, people, institutions or organizations will be able to share information in a simple way. This can also be used simply to share or search for information that interests you, that is, users will be able to choose who they want to receive news from and follow the broadcasters of their choice directly from WhatsApp, As explained by WABetaInfo.

To receive status updates from your contacts and for them to receive your updates, you and your contacts must have each other’s phone numbers saved in your phone’s contact book. For its part, to receive the newsletter you simply have to subscribe to the source. You can read our article about it at work click here.

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