This is the shark that “comes” out of the water | video

This is the shark that “comes” out of the water |  video

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Undoubtedly, we do not know all the species that exist, because there are so many that it is difficult to name them, especially if we are not specialists in this subject. For this reason, today we present to you a shark that “comes out” of the water, a discovery that was made recently.

It was May 3 when a group of scientists found a shark off the coast of Papua New Guinea that “slithered” into a pool of water. This was the first time they had seen a shark come out of the water.

According to experts, due to their fins, these sharks are able to walk on land up to 30 meters. They indicate that they are able to survive even one out of the water. In addition, vision is very difficult to occur.

They are known as the long-tailed catshark (Hemiscyllium ocellatum), according to the Discovery Channel. After several investigations, researchers announced in 2020 that there are four new species of tropical sharks native to northern Australia and Papua New Guinea that are capable of “walking”.

Among its main characteristics is its “ability to live in low-oxygen environments and walk on its fins,” which helps it better hunt its prey.

In this regard, conservation biologist and TV personality Forrest Gallant has spoken in the past about sharks that walk:

“This is the first time in history that a Papal species has been documented walking. It’s incredible,” he said.


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