Oh, Trump… the FBI finds boxes of classified documents in the Mar-a-Lago raid

Oh, Trump… the FBI finds boxes of classified documents in the Mar-a-Lago raid

The US Attorney’s Office has asked a judge to allow a search of Donald Trump’s Florida home alleging the potential violation espionage law by the former president Secret document theft Leave the White House.

It came in Inspection order And in an inventory of what was seized in last Monday’s FBI raid in Mar-a-Lago, which was already made public once the US Attorney, Merrick Garland, demanded that they stop subject to the briefing and that Trump himself did not object.

Among the documents seized were 26 boxes, each with a number, as well as several folders for documents and photos with labels. “Top Secret” or “Confidential”.

Among them appears a document entitled “President of France And another about a request for clemency from Roger Stone, a close confidant of Trump, as well as several classified documents without description.

What can the FBI take from Mar-a-Lago?

The order was signed and approved by Palm Beach Judge Bruce Reinhardt on August 5, Three days before the raidThe FBI has given until the 19th of this month to implement the recording. The document lists what the FBI can seize:

  • Any document or box marked “Confidential”.
  • Any reference to the transmission of data or information on national security.
  • Any presidential dossier created between January 20, 2017 and January 20, 2021, which are Trump’s four years in office.
  • No evidence of Destruction of presidential documents.

The order details the properties of Mar-a-Lago, a mansion with “approximately 58 bedrooms and 33 bathrooms”, located on a 6.8 hectare property and also searchable. “Office 45”referring to the number held by Trump as President of the United States.

Donald Trump’s home was searched last Monday in the midst of an FBI investigation into the alleged theft of documents by the former president.

United States Attorney General Merrick Garland clarified this Thursday that he personally allowed the decision to request the search warrant and asked a judge to release it after several days of criticism from Republicans, who accused the Joe Biden government of committing a crime. political persecution.

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